This life....

Oh this life!  Summer is officially over and Jess is back in school.  No, we didn't celebrate his last first day this year, but it is definitely going to be a mile stone year.  He will finish this coming May with his RN degree and can start bringing in some bacon.  He'll have another 3 semesters to go to finish his BSN at SUU, and then some after that if I can nudge him to a Masters program, but hey! He'll finally be a nurse!   He is nervous for this year, but on paper it seems like we'll have him home more than we did last year. We'll see how that goes.... but I know he will do great just like he has the last 3 years.

I've been back at work now since after the July 4th holiday.   I freaked out a little bit thinking about being away from Lila for more than 2 hours at a time, but so far it has worked out great!  We have a fantastic neighbor that had a baby girl 1 week before Lila was born, and as crazy as it seems, was stoked about watching Lila for us.  She treats them like little twins, and i'm so glad Lila will get to grow up with a best little friend.  With work being slower right now, I've only taken her 4 hours a day to the babysitter. Its been nice  to wheen myself, but with The Big Guy going back to school, we may have to start taking her 8 hours on the days he is gone all day... but we'll see how it goes.

ZoeyJayne and Lila (yes my baby is a grump)

Life with a baby has been pretty painless.... at least to this point..... Probably because we lucked out with with what I call a 'trick baby' (one that is perfect in every way, making us think we could possibly do it again.)  But i'm really not just saying that.  Lila is perfect.  We celebrated her 16 weeks of life on Monday the 26th, and we couldn't imagine our life without her.   Some of the things she is doing right now....

  • Yelling.  LOTS of yelling.  Not crying, yelling.  She's found her little voice and it melts me. 

  • She rarely cries, and when she does its because i've ignored her pleas for food, a binki, or her yelling for me for to long.  
  • She sleeps like a bear at night, going to bed around 7:30pm, sleeps 8 hours, wakes up, yells for me, eats, and goes back to bed til about 7am.  
  • Accidentally rolls from her back to her side, usually while yelling.
  • Giggles.  And its a super awkward, not sure what the heck i'm doing, kind of giggle.  Usually from something Jess is doing.  Jess and I usually end up in tears it makes us so happy.
  • Starting to grab, hold, and move her toys to her mouth
  • Loves to sit up.  Can't quite do it on her own yet, but she loves to hold her head up and look around.
  • Loves to try new things.  Jess hates this.

(thanks Aunt Shelby)
  • Loves her puppy brother, Romo.  Well, really they just love each other.  If they are ever together, he doesn't leave her side.

 If anyone hasn't noticed by now, I have officially become 'that girl'.  Every post, picture, status update, text message, or phone conversation is now focused around my sweet Lila Girl.  Which is weird seeing as I've never really been a baby person.  Jess and I are loving this crazy, busy life, and are so excited to see what comes this year! 


Baby Love

With my memory the way it is, every detail of our sweet Lila's grand entrance to this life would be forgotten in 3 years.... so here we are world, the much over-do story of how we came by our little gem.

My due date couldn't have been timed better if we had tried.  According to the Dr.  my due date was May 14th, but according to me it was more like May 3rd at 9pm when Jess would be finishing school and out for the summer.  True to my nature I had of course self diagnosed that due date, but i had some valid reasons.
  1.  According to my baby app, i was due May 11th.
  2. At my 20 week ultrasound the baby was measuring about a week and a half big, but they wouldn't change my due date unless she was at least 10 days big, she was 9.  
  3. My stomach measured consistently bigger the entire pregnancy.
I had been having what I figured were braxton hicks contractions starting around the beginning of May, but I had already committed to keeping baby girl in until Jess was out of school no matter what so he wouldn't have to make anything up. So I put them in the back of my mind and tried not to pay attention to them.  They were in no way painful, but were usually followed by minute of angry kicks and jabs from baby which were in no way comfortable.  On Friday, May 3rd, Jess had finally finished school and had his little graduation ceremony in Richfield, which was slightly entertaining.  I worked til about 3 and then Jess and I loaded up and headed down.  My Mom, Paul, and Chy and her kids drove all the way down to support Jess which was so great of them cause who really wants to drive from Orem to Richfield for anything?

The second that ceremony was over was, I was doing my best to induce my labor.  We went to Wingers for dinner and I ordered the spiciest thing on the menu, which didn't result in a baby  just alot of heartburn.   We drove to Orem that night since Jess had drill the next 2 days.  I stayed at my moms, while Jess headed to Salt Lake.  Still no baby.  Saturday the 4th, we did a lot of walking, yoga ball bouncing, and Toby and Rowan were kind enough to bounce me while I sat in the middle of the trampoline. Still no baby.  I figured I'd better get my hair done since baby was coming any day so Chy and I went to Ali's for some gossip, a pedicure, and some highlights. After sharing with the ladies how I had been feeling that week, and how the anticipation was going to kill me, and it didn't take long to convince me to just go to the hospital to get checked, just to see where things were, after all i'm double covered so i wouldn't have to pay for it :).

After Ali finished my hair, Chy and I went to the hospital where they monitored me for a little over an hour, I was dialated to a 2 and was 90% effaced , but wasnt progressing fast enough for them to keep me.  They told me to go home (to Ephraim) so I could go to my regular doc, Dr Frishknect.  (I was secretly hoping to be at least a 6 so I could brag to Jess how strong I was, but I wasn't surprised by the findings.)  They released me and I called Jess to fill him in.  He was able to get excused from drill the next day, the 5th, so we headed home early Sunday morning.

Sunday the 5th was great.  The house was clean, we drew the curtains, and napped and caught up on some TV shows we had been neglecting.  I was now considering what i was feeling real contractions, not only because i was refusing to let this baby stay in any longer, but also because they were very consistent.  1 minute of contractions, 3 minutes of angry baby kicks... all day long.  Around  10pm we debated going into the hospital, but the contractions still were tolerable, and I didn't want to get sent home again, so I decided to just go to bed.   I'm not sure if it was the contractions that woke me up, or the feeling I was going to pee my pants that woke me up, but around 3 am I was awake again.  The contractions were worse, and closer together so I decided it was time to go in.  I woke up Jess, and we headed to Mt. Pleasant.

Our little hospital was of course empty, but we were greeted at the door by my nurse and went right into a delivery room.  I had dilated to a 4 and was almost completely effaced by this point.  I was just shy of 39 weeks so they were hesitant to admit me and get the ball rolling...I guess this is a new thing?...so they monitored me for an hour and I had dilated to a 4 1/2.  Not a ton, but enough to show I was progressing on my own.  They called my Dr. and he decided it would be pointless sending me home since he was pretty positive I would be back in a few hours.  So they got me in the beautiful blue gown and hooked me up to the IV and Jess and I started wondering what the heck we got ourselves into.

Monday the 6th, Dr. Frishknect came in around 8am to check things and make sure we were ready to kick off, which we were.  The nurses changed, so we were introduced to our nurse we'd be with hopefully til Baby Girl came, her name was Hollie, yes same name, same spelling, which never happens.  I was now at a 5 1/2 and a little terrified at the idea of having a child later that day.  He ran through some of my options, told me they'd break my water at noon, chit-chatted for a bit and then he left. Jess ran home to get a few things that we had forgotten but I was in good company with Skip and Steven A (ESPN).  I hadn't decided if I was going to go natural or get an epidural, but they told me the CRNA would be in surgeries all day so since I was undecided it would be smart to at least have him put the jazz in my back and then I could run the medicine later if I decided I wanted it.  That sounded like a good plan, so the CRNA came in around 830 am and got me all hooked up.  I was a little bummed he came in so fast, Jess really wanted to watch him do his thing but wasn't back yet.  I was officially hooked up and ready to go, and he ran a test batch of medicine though and at that point I decided to just keep it coming.  The pain was still tolerable, but I decided to enjoy my entire labor painfree.  Jess came in just after the medicine had really kicked in, and Hollie the nurse let him put in my catheter.. which I think was the highlight to that point for him.

We decided we'd better called my Mom, who was still sleeping, and told her she could come whenever.... its about an hour drive and I swear her, Paul, and Chy were there in 30 minutes.  They were all so excited to sit with us and wait for Baby Girl.  It turned out Jess plays basketball with the CRNA so he invited Jess to scrub in on a surgery he was just about to start.  I was ok with it since nothing was really happening on the baby front.  He headed over to watch them take out a gallbladder and I tried to take a nap, which if you know me wasn't hard since I can pretty much sleep anywhere at anytime.

Jess got back just as Dr. Frishknect was coming in to break my water, which made me happy.  I was worried he was going to miss it like the epidural. The doc checked me and broke my water at the same time, no crochet hook necessary.  I couldn't feel any pain, but it was the weirdest feeling to feel my belly go from unnaturally stretched and tight, to a gooey mess of skin.  Not alot happened for a while, I had to lay on my right side the whole time since every time I rolled over we'd lose the baby's heartbeat. Hollie the nurse would try her best to find it again, but it would take forever, so we decided it was better to just stay on the one side.  Being on my right side so much, the epidural completely wore off on the left side, which was interesting.  By this point it was about 3pm and I was at an 8.  Those painful contractions felt completely different than I had expected.  It was almost like a bad side ache after running.  The CRNA was in a surgery so it took a little while for him to come in and adjust the epidural so it would numb me up again.

The Doc came in just after the CRNA fixed me up, and said it was time to start pushing, scary!  I had pushed a few times and Baby Girls heartbeat was dipping to much for comfort so they stuck the huge oxygen mask on me.  It helped the baby alot, but I secretly loved the mask since it hid my hideous pushing face.  I pushed for about and hour and a half, which sounds like a long time, but there were a few points where the monitor wasn't picking up the contractions or the babies heart rate, so we'd have to stop and adjust things.  We were losing the babies heart rate so often they decided to put the monitor on the babies head instead.   At one point Jess told me she had hair, which I laughed at since we were both bald til we were 3, but sure enough at 5:44 pm Baby Girl was born with a full head of dark curly hair.  Jess asked who the dad was, I quickly responded, who's the mom??

Sweet Baby May was here, and finally had a name....Lila Belle Keele  7lbs 12 oz and 21 inches of perfection.


So this is really happening...

I know i'll look back one day and hate myself for not documenting my life better, but once a year should be sufficient right?

So lets highlight the last 10 months of our little families life.  I'll try to paint a picture in your heads since i suck at taking pictures.

The Big Guy went to Greece and i was able to go visit him for a little over a week in April. I flew out of the Salt Lake airport and headed straight for Paris, France.  I was a little nervous about the 10 1/2 hour flight, but with a little self medication and every season of The Big Bang Theory, the flight went by surprisingly fast.  I had envisioned landing in Paris and being able to see the Eiffel Tower from the airport, which was not the case.  The Paris airport was a little disappointing. It was smelly, and chaotic so we might need to plan a future trip to see the better points of that city some day.  Anyway, after going through security what seemed like a thousand times, and flashing my flashy passport picture 3 more times i was on another airplane headed for Athens, Greece to catch the last hopper flight to Crete.  All in all it was about 22 hours of sitting on an airplane, or running to my next gate to catch the next flight. To say i was exhausted is an understatement, i was a zombie by the time i reached Crete, it was late at night, but i was so so happy to see Jess.  Highlight of the trip was McDonalds, which was in Knosis, 2 hours away, and was the ONLY American joint to be found on the island.  (that may be a lie, but it was the only one i saw).  Not only did the Greek food not agree with me, I was jones-ing for a fountain drink.  Yes i'm pathetic, and yes I'm ok with that.

If i ever find the card with the pictures on it i will throw some in.

Once i finally got Jess home the end of May i had a thousand projects for him to start on.    First thing was landscaping the yard.  It was a WAAAY bigger project than either of us had anticipated.  Our yard is L-shaped,so we decided to tier where the side yard meets the back yard with some boulders.  There was an ugly old coal shoot (yes our house is old) and some other less than desirable features right off the car port so we decided to add a deck and pour a cement pad for BBQ's and such. Of course a landscape job wouldn't be complete without sprinklers.  The project kept The Big Guy busy most of the summer, and we were able to enlist the help from some friends and family with the different projects.  We love the way it turned out and are excited to get to enjoy our yard this summer.

We were able to take a vacation to Texas over Memorial Day with The Mom and Paul to meet up with Chy and Trev and their little family.  We decided on Dallas because it was closer for Chy and Trev to drive, and The Big Guy loves anything Dallas.  We only went for the weekend, but were able to go to Six-Flags, LegoLand, the aquarium, and Jess and I were able to take a tour of the Cowboys Stadium, which was of  course a dream come true for him. 

The summer went by so fast, and before we knew it Jess was starting school again.  He started his first semester of nursing school and had been warned that it would consume his every waking moment, which it did.  He left early in the morning for class, and didn't get home til late at night after the study group finally called it quits. Every now and then I would be graced with his presence when he needed to practice taking blood pressure, or listening to the heart, or other things along those lines.  It was always entertaining because he had to pretend to be professional, and I had to pretend to be an 80 year old woman with a broken hip.  Sexy right?

Some other highlights from March to now....

-I turned 25
-Jess turned 24
-Stetson and Bailey visited for the 4th of July
-Made the move from the student ward to the family ward.  That was quickly followed by callings to the primary and young mens
-The Big Guy went to the BYU vs Notre Dame football game
-I visited Chy in her tiny town in TX
-Celebrated our 3 year anniversary
-Thanksgiving happened
-Christmas happened
-I got a speeding ticket on New Year's Eve, i really know how to bring in a new year

And of course this little lovely happened some time in August...

Back on our first anniversary we decided we wanted a baby, when I say we, I of course mean I decided that I wanted a baby (Jess was still a young buck back then).  Luckily for me, someone else knows what I need better than I do.  The Big Guy and I got caught up in our lives and baby was put on the back burner.  I had a feeling it would take a while for baby to come, and was totally content with that.  I loved our life.  I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for the time Jesse and I had alone together before babies started rolling in.  All the trips we were able to take together, the crap we were able to buy each other, debts we were able to pay off, money we were able to save, school we were able to get done, and my list goes on and on.  The timing of Baby Girl May (name still pending) couldn't have been planned better if we would have tried.  She is expected to make her appearance sometime the middle of May 2013, and she already has all of us wrapped around her little bony knuckles, especially The Big Guy.


So its been a while....

When i say a while i of course mean almost a year.  I wish i had a clever excuse, but lets be honest, i'm just lazy.  This blog is no different than anything else in my life.  There are so many walls i've been meaning to paint, so much crap from pinterest i've been meaning to make, recipes to try, weight to lose, friends to make, religion to gain, dogs to learn to love, money to save, and my list could go on and on.  Now before you start juding, i'm not depressed.  I'm as happy as a clam. The Big Guy and I have actually stayed really busy this year,  mostly with things that have to be done, but there were some fun times here and there. 

After updating the windows in our perfect turn of the century home i really didnt do a whole alot.  I had expected to come in and totally redo everything, i was going to paint every room, have lots of cute decorations all over the place, blog about every little project, but once we got settled in, i just loved the house the way it was.  There really wasn't alot that needed to be done to the place since the previous owner had already updated everything.   I did get a wild flare one weekend and painted the dining room and living room, i think it turned out pretty cute.

We also built Romo a dog house and since he is enormous now, we fenced in a good chunk of the yard for him.  He is such a good dog and as much as I complain about him, I can't imagine our little family without him in it.   

Around the end of the summer my Grandma Stoddards Maltipoo escaped and got the neighbors Shorkie preggers.  This wasn't the first incident and the neighbors have really been able to turn a profit from all these little puppies since they can sell them for a few hundered a piece.  They always offer my Grandparents the pick of the litter, and they in turn offer it to the family.  This time around no one wanted one, but i wanted to go see the puppies.  Bad idea.  They were SO tiny, and SO cute, and SO perfect, i just had to have one.  We had to wait a few weeks for her to be old enough to bring home, but The Big Guy surprised me with her one night.  Pandora and Romo have been best friends ever since. And if you are wondering what she is,  1/4 yorkie, 1/4 maltise, 1/4 shih tzu, 1/4 poodle.  Perfection

Once The Big Guy finished his classes for the fall semister he spent 2 weeks in SLC getting his CNA course done, and then went to work for my dad in Colorado with Callin, Preston, and Trevor.  I dont know it was such a good idea to send 4 boys to live in a grimmy hotel for the summer, doing nothing buy digging holes all day.  But they somehow survived, and after a few months apart, i know we were all glad to get our boys home.   I of course was home working.

The Big Guy got back into school in August and had a pretty tough semister, put came out of it with good grades.I of course was still home working. We decided it was time for a vacation, and the only way i could talk Jess into a vacation is if it had something to do with the Dallas Cowboys.  We 'compromised' so my much needed vaca would be in Dallas TX for the Christmas Eve game against the Eagles.  Now i wouldn't call myself a fan by any means, but it was alot of fun. We bought ourselves some jersey's, and i'm pretty sure I had a few to many hot dogs.  The staduim is amazing, and i would definately do it again.  I thought my husband was obsessed, but it was a real eye opener to see some of the die-hard fans of 'America's Team'.  It made me greatful for my sweet husband that will occasionally let me turn the channel during the game, cause some of these guys were intense.We spent Christmas vegging in our hotel room, and had THE BEST Christmas dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House.  All in all, we had a great vacation, and a great Christmas.

After wrapping up some holiday festivities, The Big Guy got another call from Uncle Sam and we learned he would be sent on a 'short deployment', and would leave the end of January for Crete, Greece. I decided to stay home (in Ephraim) during the week and then go to my mom's (in Orem) on the weekends.  So far it has worked out nicely, and i think it is better for me and the dogs.

Just a few facts about Crete: 

                 -it is the largest island in Greece
                 -it has the highest ratio of guns per person in Europe, aka Paul's heaven
                 -the God Zeus was born there
                 -Jennifer Aniston's dad was born there

We had and are still having very mixed emotions when it comes down to it.  It is a great experiance for Jess and he will be able to pad our savings account a little bit, but it is hard to be away from each other any more than a week or two.  They've got the guys set up in a hotel since it is a shorter deployment, but he hasn't had alot of time to get a lay of the land because of the shifts he works.  He is on the graveyard shift so he works from 8pm-8am, and works 4 days on 2 days off, and then 3 on 3 off, so it breaks it up a little bit. 

Can i just say i am SOOOO grateful for all the new technologies out there.   We dont have to spend a fortune calling out of the country, we wait days to get snail mail.  We can just skype or tango each other every day.  Considering everything, Jess and I are very lucky to live the life we do, and even though some days are tougher than others, and i can't wait to get my Big Guy home, i really dont have a whole lot to complain about besides the fact Chy moved my sweet babies to TX.  Be honest, who wouldnt' miss these faces?

Til......next year.... maybe...



We can see clearly now...

When The Big Guy and I bought our new home, we knew the first investment would be to update the windows.  What were the issues you ask?  Well, lets just say theifs couldn't get in, but we couldn't get out either.  90% of them were painted shut, and the other 10% i feared would squish my hand if i tried to open them.  They were 100 years old, and provided as much insulation as a tent.  They had to go.

Yesterday our home was filled with the sounds of hammering, sawing, and the country jams coming from the installers vehicle outside.  Those good-old-boys moved furniture out of the way, made easy conversation, and totally made my day.   Here are some pictures of the after, these wont mean much to any one that didn't ever see the first ones, but they are perfect in every way!

 And this.. yes they left the door on, but of course i'll be taking it off and making a lovely something out of it.

And the best part of the story?  Let me paint a picture:

Me (to the good-old-boys):  can you be extra careful so i can keep the old windows?
Good-old boys:  of course!

                     Jesse comes home from school to a pile of windows by the front door

Jesse (to the good-old-boys):  you guys haul all this stuff off right?
Good-old-boys (holding back a smile):  ya, usually we do.  But your wife wants to keep them, then a smirk.

Jesse stomps in the house making a scene wondering what im thinking.. 

Me (to Jesse): Oh, just a craft or two, plus some girls in the office want some. 

Jesse throwing a fit because he 'just knows' he'll be the one hauling
them all over the place, up and down stairs, bla bla bla

Good-old-boy (to jesse):  Dude, put them on the corner with a $15/peice for sale sign and you'll sell them, the ladies love these things.

Wheels turning in the Big Guys head, half hour later he's on KSL
I'm surprised he hasn't called Callin yet to ask him to go into business

Sorry, not for sale, most are already spoken for...but i just love how my husband pouts (below)... how can we ever have children?


Do you smell what The Rock is cookin'?

What did this ridiculously romantic man get me for Valentines Day?

Nope, not this....

Didn't get this....

Maybe a little of this...


ya right...

but THIS, totally melted my butter....

Yes ladies and gents.  There was no winning and dinning, no diamonds and pearls, not even any chocolate.  Jesse surprised me with a Michelinas TV dinner, stretchy pants, and an evening of WWE raw.  He knows what The Rock does to me, and the best part?  

This face:

Similar to this face:

Perfect Valentines from a perfect man


Life as a Keele

In light of deleting my facebook forever, i decided it was time to start a blog.  I've always thought you had to have a baby to start a blog.  I figured in the last year and a half i have married one and purchased another so i think i am approved to Blog.  Romo is Jesse's puppy, i say that because i don't take care of him.  Jesse has taken the roll of mommy when it comes to Romo, and the two of them couldn't be happier.

Romo the Mastiff
the adoring mommy and the wrinkly Romo

You could say Jesse and i were childhood sweethearts.  Jesse and his ginger friend Russell were the little neighbor boys.  I'm not a cougar, i can't help it Jesse has always looked 5-10 years older (depending on the beard) I was a girl, I was older, and I was certainly cooler.  I was a hot commodity at the ripe age of 5.  Jess made up some story about sharing a hammock, (really Jess, you were 4!) but he says he's loved me ever since the alleged hammock sharing.  16 years later, when out of the blue, The Big Guy requested my friendship (through a site recently deleted from my life) and we've talked everyday since.

We were married on 9/9/09 at 9am in the Manti, UT temple.  (not only is the date perfect, Jesse will NEVER have an excuse to forget our anniversary)

After a few receptions and a very long week, we spent the night in the Albuquerque airport so we could catch our flight to Canada.  Jesse dib'sed the only bench we could find since 'he is a big guy', and i curled up on our bags and tried to catch a few z's. We landed in Canada and were on our way to The Last Frontier. (alaska) It was the only place Jesse and I could both agree on, and we had a blast.  Between all the room service Jesse could handle and the perfect weather, we couldn't have picked a better place

yes, thats about 6 meals worth of food for breakfast

Itinerating over waffles

the 49'ers game, The Big Guy mistakingly told me this was the best part of the honeymoon

Jesse looks more like a Mountain Man than the stars of the show

1 day shy of our 3 month anniversary, Jesse was shipped off to spend some time with Uncle Sam.  I like to refer to this as the dark days.  The first 9 weeks i wrote a letter to him everyday only to hear from him for 30 minutes on Saturdays.  It was not a pretty time.  Luckily i had a padded depression fund that carried me through while he was gone.  He came home 6 months later and 50 lbs lighter to a wife extremely excited to feel married again.

Yep, thats him, front and center.  He was the lucky one to be called Dorm Chief.  He got to do the push-ups for the weaklings, and boss everyone around, he learned well

We moved to Ephraim shortly after he got home and thats where we've been ever since.  Jesse is a full time student and is hoping to get into the nursing program here in the fall, and i am known to introduce myself as a 'sugar momma'...  It's a title i have learned to love, and I know as soon as Jesse graduates i'm never working a day again.  Needless to say, we will be country kids for the next few years.  We recently purchased an ADORABLE 100 year old home that i am extatic about fixing up and making our own.  Between school, work, Romo, Jesse, and life we are extemely busy and are loving life......