We can see clearly now...

When The Big Guy and I bought our new home, we knew the first investment would be to update the windows.  What were the issues you ask?  Well, lets just say theifs couldn't get in, but we couldn't get out either.  90% of them were painted shut, and the other 10% i feared would squish my hand if i tried to open them.  They were 100 years old, and provided as much insulation as a tent.  They had to go.

Yesterday our home was filled with the sounds of hammering, sawing, and the country jams coming from the installers vehicle outside.  Those good-old-boys moved furniture out of the way, made easy conversation, and totally made my day.   Here are some pictures of the after, these wont mean much to any one that didn't ever see the first ones, but they are perfect in every way!

 And this.. yes they left the door on, but of course i'll be taking it off and making a lovely something out of it.

And the best part of the story?  Let me paint a picture:

Me (to the good-old-boys):  can you be extra careful so i can keep the old windows?
Good-old boys:  of course!

                     Jesse comes home from school to a pile of windows by the front door

Jesse (to the good-old-boys):  you guys haul all this stuff off right?
Good-old-boys (holding back a smile):  ya, usually we do.  But your wife wants to keep them, then a smirk.

Jesse stomps in the house making a scene wondering what im thinking.. 

Me (to Jesse): Oh, just a craft or two, plus some girls in the office want some. 

Jesse throwing a fit because he 'just knows' he'll be the one hauling
them all over the place, up and down stairs, bla bla bla

Good-old-boy (to jesse):  Dude, put them on the corner with a $15/peice for sale sign and you'll sell them, the ladies love these things.

Wheels turning in the Big Guys head, half hour later he's on KSL
I'm surprised he hasn't called Callin yet to ask him to go into business

Sorry, not for sale, most are already spoken for...but i just love how my husband pouts (below)... how can we ever have children?

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  1. Baaahhhhh hahahaha! I busted a gut when you actually mentioned Callin. BTW I call one of the cute ones with the 3 at the top!