So this is really happening...

I know i'll look back one day and hate myself for not documenting my life better, but once a year should be sufficient right?

So lets highlight the last 10 months of our little families life.  I'll try to paint a picture in your heads since i suck at taking pictures.

The Big Guy went to Greece and i was able to go visit him for a little over a week in April. I flew out of the Salt Lake airport and headed straight for Paris, France.  I was a little nervous about the 10 1/2 hour flight, but with a little self medication and every season of The Big Bang Theory, the flight went by surprisingly fast.  I had envisioned landing in Paris and being able to see the Eiffel Tower from the airport, which was not the case.  The Paris airport was a little disappointing. It was smelly, and chaotic so we might need to plan a future trip to see the better points of that city some day.  Anyway, after going through security what seemed like a thousand times, and flashing my flashy passport picture 3 more times i was on another airplane headed for Athens, Greece to catch the last hopper flight to Crete.  All in all it was about 22 hours of sitting on an airplane, or running to my next gate to catch the next flight. To say i was exhausted is an understatement, i was a zombie by the time i reached Crete, it was late at night, but i was so so happy to see Jess.  Highlight of the trip was McDonalds, which was in Knosis, 2 hours away, and was the ONLY American joint to be found on the island.  (that may be a lie, but it was the only one i saw).  Not only did the Greek food not agree with me, I was jones-ing for a fountain drink.  Yes i'm pathetic, and yes I'm ok with that.

If i ever find the card with the pictures on it i will throw some in.

Once i finally got Jess home the end of May i had a thousand projects for him to start on.    First thing was landscaping the yard.  It was a WAAAY bigger project than either of us had anticipated.  Our yard is L-shaped,so we decided to tier where the side yard meets the back yard with some boulders.  There was an ugly old coal shoot (yes our house is old) and some other less than desirable features right off the car port so we decided to add a deck and pour a cement pad for BBQ's and such. Of course a landscape job wouldn't be complete without sprinklers.  The project kept The Big Guy busy most of the summer, and we were able to enlist the help from some friends and family with the different projects.  We love the way it turned out and are excited to get to enjoy our yard this summer.

We were able to take a vacation to Texas over Memorial Day with The Mom and Paul to meet up with Chy and Trev and their little family.  We decided on Dallas because it was closer for Chy and Trev to drive, and The Big Guy loves anything Dallas.  We only went for the weekend, but were able to go to Six-Flags, LegoLand, the aquarium, and Jess and I were able to take a tour of the Cowboys Stadium, which was of  course a dream come true for him. 

The summer went by so fast, and before we knew it Jess was starting school again.  He started his first semester of nursing school and had been warned that it would consume his every waking moment, which it did.  He left early in the morning for class, and didn't get home til late at night after the study group finally called it quits. Every now and then I would be graced with his presence when he needed to practice taking blood pressure, or listening to the heart, or other things along those lines.  It was always entertaining because he had to pretend to be professional, and I had to pretend to be an 80 year old woman with a broken hip.  Sexy right?

Some other highlights from March to now....

-I turned 25
-Jess turned 24
-Stetson and Bailey visited for the 4th of July
-Made the move from the student ward to the family ward.  That was quickly followed by callings to the primary and young mens
-The Big Guy went to the BYU vs Notre Dame football game
-I visited Chy in her tiny town in TX
-Celebrated our 3 year anniversary
-Thanksgiving happened
-Christmas happened
-I got a speeding ticket on New Year's Eve, i really know how to bring in a new year

And of course this little lovely happened some time in August...

Back on our first anniversary we decided we wanted a baby, when I say we, I of course mean I decided that I wanted a baby (Jess was still a young buck back then).  Luckily for me, someone else knows what I need better than I do.  The Big Guy and I got caught up in our lives and baby was put on the back burner.  I had a feeling it would take a while for baby to come, and was totally content with that.  I loved our life.  I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for the time Jesse and I had alone together before babies started rolling in.  All the trips we were able to take together, the crap we were able to buy each other, debts we were able to pay off, money we were able to save, school we were able to get done, and my list goes on and on.  The timing of Baby Girl May (name still pending) couldn't have been planned better if we would have tried.  She is expected to make her appearance sometime the middle of May 2013, and she already has all of us wrapped around her little bony knuckles, especially The Big Guy.