This life....

Oh this life!  Summer is officially over and Jess is back in school.  No, we didn't celebrate his last first day this year, but it is definitely going to be a mile stone year.  He will finish this coming May with his RN degree and can start bringing in some bacon.  He'll have another 3 semesters to go to finish his BSN at SUU, and then some after that if I can nudge him to a Masters program, but hey! He'll finally be a nurse!   He is nervous for this year, but on paper it seems like we'll have him home more than we did last year. We'll see how that goes.... but I know he will do great just like he has the last 3 years.

I've been back at work now since after the July 4th holiday.   I freaked out a little bit thinking about being away from Lila for more than 2 hours at a time, but so far it has worked out great!  We have a fantastic neighbor that had a baby girl 1 week before Lila was born, and as crazy as it seems, was stoked about watching Lila for us.  She treats them like little twins, and i'm so glad Lila will get to grow up with a best little friend.  With work being slower right now, I've only taken her 4 hours a day to the babysitter. Its been nice  to wheen myself, but with The Big Guy going back to school, we may have to start taking her 8 hours on the days he is gone all day... but we'll see how it goes.

ZoeyJayne and Lila (yes my baby is a grump)

Life with a baby has been pretty painless.... at least to this point..... Probably because we lucked out with with what I call a 'trick baby' (one that is perfect in every way, making us think we could possibly do it again.)  But i'm really not just saying that.  Lila is perfect.  We celebrated her 16 weeks of life on Monday the 26th, and we couldn't imagine our life without her.   Some of the things she is doing right now....

  • Yelling.  LOTS of yelling.  Not crying, yelling.  She's found her little voice and it melts me. 

  • She rarely cries, and when she does its because i've ignored her pleas for food, a binki, or her yelling for me for to long.  
  • She sleeps like a bear at night, going to bed around 7:30pm, sleeps 8 hours, wakes up, yells for me, eats, and goes back to bed til about 7am.  
  • Accidentally rolls from her back to her side, usually while yelling.
  • Giggles.  And its a super awkward, not sure what the heck i'm doing, kind of giggle.  Usually from something Jess is doing.  Jess and I usually end up in tears it makes us so happy.
  • Starting to grab, hold, and move her toys to her mouth
  • Loves to sit up.  Can't quite do it on her own yet, but she loves to hold her head up and look around.
  • Loves to try new things.  Jess hates this.

(thanks Aunt Shelby)
  • Loves her puppy brother, Romo.  Well, really they just love each other.  If they are ever together, he doesn't leave her side.

 If anyone hasn't noticed by now, I have officially become 'that girl'.  Every post, picture, status update, text message, or phone conversation is now focused around my sweet Lila Girl.  Which is weird seeing as I've never really been a baby person.  Jess and I are loving this crazy, busy life, and are so excited to see what comes this year! 

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